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Euphrates Regional Commission: Aggression on Afrin targets the federal project

KOBANI – The High Electoral Commission in Euphrates region  that the Turkish aggression on Afrin aims to hit the project of Democratic federalism of North Syria and came at a time when preparations are underway for the third stage of the federal elections.

This came in a statement issued by the Commission in response to the attacks on the Turkish occupation ofAfrin territory , where the attacks entered the day on the 25th day.

The statement was read in the Martyr Akeid Square, in the presence of the co-chair of the Commission and its members.

The statement reads as follows:

“While High Electoral Commission of the three regions (Afrin, Euphrates and al-Jazeera) was preparing for the third stage of the elections of the democratic federal councils of NorthSyria (the elections of the regions councils and Democratic People’s Conference), the Turkish authoritarian regime on 20 January represented Justice and Development Party  and his youth from the extremist Islamists in the attack on Afrin, using in this attack all types of light weapons, medium and heavy, in addition to warplanes that do not differentiate in the bombing between stone and humans and trees and a large and small target in this uncle Yeh hit democracy North Syria federal project, which aims to co-existence and Fraternity between the peoples of various components  of North Syria which is the perfect solution for all Syrians.

Since the beginning of the revolutionary movement in Syria, Afrin (the city of peace and olive) has been a safe haven for many Syrian people from all the Syrian governorates  who have fled the hell of war between the regime and the people of Syria. And the so-called Syrian opposition.

But it is clear day after day the extent of brutality and barbarism of the Turkish army and the terrorist jihadist factions allied with him through representation of the bodies of the heroic martyrs of (SDF)and (YPG , YPJ) in addition to the bombing of civilians unarmed by warplanes, ignoring all international covenants and conventions.

We at the High Electoral Commission in the Euphrates region condemn and condemn these atrocities by the Turkish army and its mercenaries. We also condemn and condemn the international conspiracy against Mr. Abdullah Ocelan in 1999, which marks its anniversary on 15 February and demands his release.

In the end, we call on the international community and all human rights organizations to carry out their moral and legal responsibilities in order to stop the Turkish attack on the Afrin region.

Long live the resistance of the region of Afrin … Glory and eternity to our martyrs … The speedy recovery of our wounds … The shame and shame of the killers and enemies of humanity and civilization.