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Executive Body of federalism congratulated North Syria people on success of electoral process

NEWS DESK- The Executive Body of the Democratic North-Syria  Federation has congratulated all the peoples of North Syria on the success of the electoral process that took place on December 1, and the body said that with the participation of all components, we have stepped a new step forming our democratic federal system.

The elections of the second stage of Democratic North-Syria Federation’s project that were specialized to Local Administration were held on December 1. The ballot boxes witnessed an intensive turnout by the people, and in this regard, the Executive Body of Federalism congratulated the success of the electoral process through a statement issued on Monday to the public opinion and media.

The text of the statement included:

On behalf of the Executive body of the Democratic Federation of North Syria, we congratulate the peoples of Syria on the success of the local council elections have been held on December 1. We also commend this success to our martyrs, our heroes and heroes on the battlefields, who have given us the opportunity to live in dignity and create the conditions for an investigation. This achievement ..

We salute all of our daughters and sons in North Syria for their responsible participation in the voting process. You proved that you have the free will to elect your representatives, and that the people in Syria are eager to live in peace and stability.

We also thank all those who worked hard for the sake of the success of the election process, especially the Interior Security Forces, the High Electoral Commission, the teachers who supervised ballot boxes, and the free media which conveyed the vote of our people all over the world.

With the participation of all components in North Syria, we have stepped a new step forming our democratic federal system which will be the main guarantor of Syria’s unity. The aim of the Syrian revolution was to establish a democratic system that would bring to everybody the life freely, equally and justly. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians were killed and millions were displaced in order to achieve a new system that would enable all Syrians to live freely and with dignity. In North Syria, we are responding to the demands of the peoples in Syria.

Our people not only elected their local councils, but they elected and chose the federal system as a way of solvation in Syria at the same time. It was emphasized through these elections that Syria needs a new political administrative system and a new Syrian constitution. Through these elections, we have assured to the whole world that the peoples of Syria have the ability to resolve their issues, and that the solution must emerge from Syria and not from anywhere else. Since we are the owners of the disease, it is our legitimate right to create our own medicine by ourselves.

Once again, we congratulate all Syrians on the success of the elections of the local councils in the Democratic North-Syria Federation. We wish all those who elected and got the confidence of the people to succeed in their jobs, and be worthy deserved this confidence.