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Executive Council  in Afrin congratulates new year

AFRIN –The co-chair  of the Executive council in Afrin canton congratulated the 2018 to the general public, hoping to be a year of good and blessing to all, and announced the first new year’s day, a public holiday in all departments, except that require continuous work, during a statement.

The text of the statement:

“As we approach  from the farewell the year 2017, which was full of victories at all levels, especially the historic campaign by the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF to liberation al-Raqqa city

from the hotbeds of terrorism and the liberation of thousands of Syrian people from the hands of injustice and the consolidation of principles based on democracy and peaceful co-existence between all components in north Syria .

The year  of 2017 passed through many important and strategic stations for the sons of the north of Syria, such as the announcement of the democratic federalism of north Syria, which was aspired to by the people over the past years and the elections that took place from the Communes to the local councils. We Are pursuing this project to get out of the Syrian crisis.

We are the Chairman of the Executive Council  in Afrin canton , we consider the year 2017 and the achievements made by the sacrifices of our forces, a breakthrough to consolidate the democratic project and achieve the hopes of our people and our martyrs who watered this land with their pure blood.

We congratulate the people of Syria by the new year, hoping that it will be a year of peace and peaceful co-existence and a year of good.

On this occasion, we announce that inn Monday, 1/1/2018, an official holiday will be held in all departments and Autonomous Administration institutions, with the exception of institutions that require work to continue.