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Expert in international low: Kurds in Afrin subjected to aggression ,gross violation


GAZA- The professor of international law at the Palestinian universities Dr. Hanna Issa said that the Kurdish people in Afrin are subjected to aggression, requiring the intervention of the international community.

Dr. Hanna Issa, professor of public international law at Palestinian universities, spoke of the attacks by Turkey against Afrin, calling it an “aggression” according to international law. He noted that the International Criminal Court is working for Russia, America, France and Britain, and for the same reason the meeting of Security Council came without a decision on Afrin.

Dr. Hanna Issa said in an interview with the Hawar news agency that articles 1 and 2 of the Charter of the United Nations in terms of goals or principles affirm the need for non-aggression by any State on the land of another state and non-interference in its affairs within the principle of respect for the sovereignty of other neighboring states.

What is going on is an aggression on Syria

Dr. Hanna Issa explained that the law of the jungle is now prevailing in Syria. “We now see Turkey following the Israeli approach of violating international law. Today, Turkey has violated all international laws and conventions and is directly attacking Syrian land. Now the Kurdish people in Syria are subjected to aggression and serious violation, so in this legal and humanitarian situation, the United Nations must intervene directly and prevent attacks on them.

Militants from 86 countries are fighting against Syria

The professor of international law explained that during the emergency session held at the French request to discuss the situation of Afrin, came out without decisions because the members of the Security Council are the main players in the region. Their move was contrary to the Charter of the United Nations..

Kurds should take the rights guaranteed by international law

Dr. Issa stressed that the Kurds are an inseparable part of the Syrian people and therefore cannot be attacked in this way. He pointed out that the Kurds in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey about 55 million people. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the rights guaranteed by law to them.International law and the international community should recognize their rights.

A complaint should be lodged to Security Council against the Turkish massacres

As for the massacres committed by Turkey against the Kurdish people in Afrin, Dr. Hanna Issa explained that there is a humanitarian international law that was compiled in 1977, and there are four Geneva Conventions. A complaint must be lodged with the Security Council against the massacres committed by Turkey against the people of Afrin .