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Fahima Hemo: Strong with path of Ocelan, Turkey would pay price


ALEPPO-The Co-chair of Democratic Syrian Council (Aleppo Office) Fahima Hemo stressed that the policy of continuing the isolation on the Kurdish leader Ocelan to break the will of our people would not reach its goal and failed as a result of the people’s adherence to its principles in demanding the freedom of its leader, we appeal all peoples of the Middle East to escalate the struggle against the obscurantist forces.

In statements to Hawar news agency, Hamo pointed out to the continued isolation on Ocelan

“The isolation imposed on leader Ocelan is aimed at eliminating his thought, referring to the continuing isolation imposed on Ocelan. “I think this will not end his march and revolution, but it will not work, because the leader has spread his ideas among millions of people and what is happening now on the ground proves that.”

Hemo wondered “Where are the international human rights organizations? Where are human laws? And where are the countries that claim democracy over what the leader Abdullah Ocelan is facing, as the peoples of the Middle East, we call on all international organizations and anti-violence organizations to take responsibility and do their work as soon as possible to release our leader.”

Hemo added that all the plots organized by the Turkish fascist state against our people in the person of Ocelan would fail at the will of the people “Turkey and its supporters will pay the price.”