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Faithfulness candles lit at martyrs’ tombs

AFRIN- Martyrs’ families and many institutions’ members have lit candles on the tombs in Martyr Rafiq and Martyr Seydo in Afrin canton.EFRIN-CINDRESE-BIRANINA-SEHIDA

Commemorating May martyrs, members of Martyrs’ Families Council, Kongra Star, TEV-DEM and martyrs’ families in Afrin canton paid on Wednesday evening a visit to Martyr Rafiq cemetery to light candles at the martyrs’ tombs in Matina village which lies in Shera district, in addition other lit candles at Martyr Seydo in Kafr Safra village in Janders district

Having reached the two cemeteries, a minute of silence was held, then rose wreaths were put on martyrs tombs, in addition to that, candles were lit.