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Fares Shemmo: federalism considers all peoples’ cultures



TIRBÊ SIPÎYÊ – The administrative in the Yazidi House in Tirbê Sipîyê district Fares Shemmo stated that federalism is the only system that would consider all the peoples’ cultures noting that the communes that is held by democratic nation’s principle transmitted the society to the culture of the co-existence and development attempts.

With the coming of Communes’ co-chairs elections’ deadline, the administrative in the Yazidi House Fares Shemmo called for the peoples of the area to choose the persona who are able to get their voices to the communes’ co-chairs.

A day before the final deadline of candidacy’s applications for communes’ co-chairs, the High Commission for elections announced extending the candidacy’s applications deadline to September 5.

In the beginning of his speech, Shemmo stated in an interview with Hawar news agency “we as Yazidi people, after suffering and the ruling regimes’ attempts of removing our cultures, see that the only solution is the federal system, and all the countries that apply federalism are living peacefully and developmentally”.

Shemmo also noted that during the last years and before the Syrian crisis, the culture of non-acceptance the other and the attempts of stirring conflicts among the peoples of the area by the ruling regimes.

Shemmo stated that the commune is the base of the federal system, and the society is being formed by it so people must partake elections because they determine their and their children’s future.

The administration in the Yazidi House in Tirbê Sipîyê district Fares Shemmo concluded calling for the area’s peoples to head to ballo boxes and elect their representatives to preserve their rights and cultures.