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Fatima Tahera: PKK’s struggle is a struggle of oppressed peoples



NEWS DESK- The Co-Chair of the Families of Martyrs Board in al-Jazeera region Fatima Tahera, said that the PKK has become the hope of the people calling for freedom and peace, and the example to be followed in the Middle East.

Fatima Tahera, who has met with the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan 5 times, Fatima told Hawar News Agency in an interview about the struggle of the PKK over the past 40 years in the Middle East.

At the beginning of her speech, Fatima Tahera congratulated the approaching of 40th anniversary of the establishment of the PKK on the peoples of the region.

The PKK has become the hope of free and peaceful peoples

Fatima said that the struggle of the PKK was not only for the Kurdish people, but also for all the peoples of the region. “Today, the PKK has become struggle’s model in the Middle East and a hope for the people. All the people see their liberty in this Party, also it became a model of the women in the world and formed an army of women, because this party is fighting for the freedom of oppressed peoples. “

“The party did not fight for narrow individual or party interests, but on the contrary, always fought for the freedom of oppressed peoples. We can see Rojava as an example,” said Fatima Tahera.

“The party achieved great gains in Rojava, and by its thought and philosophy has saved all the people in the area from injustice, after resistance epics were drawn, the party has resisted for all components of the region, in the Arab regions, his ideology saved thousands of people from the massacres, and so far in the Middle East did not see the ideology and philosophy as the PKK, the party since its founding has struggled for the people and became the hope of the peoples. “

The party has become an example to be followed

Fatima Tahera pointed out to the role of the Kurdistan Workers Party in the Middle East. “The ideology and philosophy of this party calls upon the peoples of the region to view it as an example. The party is not like any other party in the Middle East working for its interests, the Workers’ Party armed with the philosophy of the leader Ocalan is fighting for all peoples and societies. The people of the region have to organize themselves under the roof of the thought of the leader Ocalan and thought of the party, at the same time, working within Rojava’s revolution and its development.

Fatima Tahera said that woman is an integral part of the party’s struggle. “Women are part of the struggle of this party. Women have fought for 40 years. Women’s resistance has become an example of all the women of the world. Women and the philosophy of leader Ocalan have fought and now organize themselves. Everywhere and create armies for them.”

At the end of her speech, the co-chair of the families of martyrs in the region of Cizîre Fatima Tahera said that the party will free the leader Ocalan from prison, “I believe that the party with his thought and philosophy will free the leader Ocalan, who created this thought to them, and finally again congratulate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the party on all Peoples “.