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Fawza Youssif: Turkey’s massacres against civilians revealed false statements



QAMISHLO -The co –chair  of the Executive Body of the Democratic Federation of North Syria said that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)and the will of the people in Afrin will defeat the Turkish occupation, and that the world is rising today in support of Afrin, and the massacres of Turkey against civilians revealed lies and falsifications of Erdogan’s remarks and his entourage.

Hawar news agency (ANHA ) interviewd with Fawza Youssif about the attack on Afrin

Fawza said: “At the beginning we bless the resistance of our people in Afrin facing the planes and guns of the Turkish occupation army, and we assure our people in Afrin that all the people of North Syria and the Kurds at home and abroad stand up and declare solidarity with them.”

Fawza pointed out that “Turkey is trying to break the morale of the people through false media in an attempt to raise the morale of its army and mercenaries claiming that they occupied the villages in Afrin and capture the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and we confirm that the Turkish occupation did not step one step in the territories of Afrin, despite the use of heavy weapons and warplanes , Thanks to the will and resistance of our people in Afrin and their support for Syria’s Democratic Forces  (SDF)      “

Fawza explained :

“The Turkish occupation army has declared its aggression under the name of the “Olive branch”, to impress public opinion that it does not intend to destroy villages and cities and kill civilians, but we see the opposite. Turkish planes do not differentiate between the olive trees that were sowed with sweat and blood and the blood of Afrin, Not only those who fled the flames of war in many areas of Syria, especially Adlib and intended Afrin safe, which embraced them, and this is evidence of the brutality of the Turkish occupation army, which does not concern the lives of civilians And the Syrian people

She said that Turkey also claims that after its occupation of Afrin, it will establish a safe area for the displaced and try these allegations to legitimize its attacks on Afrin, but after the long bombardment of displaced families and the killing of children and women proved to the world that its occupation of Afrin is not “legitimate” Only the killing and further destruction will be offered to the Syrian people.

Fawza pointed :

Fawza pointed  triumphant appeal to Erdogan’s claims that they were attacking only the points of the People’s Protection Units (YPG ) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)

“In fact, we see the opposite, because the bombing of its planes only lasted for civilians, which shows how false and falsified its statements,” she said. “Turkey believes that it is seeking the world with its false statements. “Everyone is aware of the extent of the lies and hypocrisy of Erdogan and his entourage, and their ambitions to strike the Syrian people and divide their land and occupation, as they did with the brigade of Iskandron and Jarablus , Azaz and al-Bab

She pointed out that Afrin is not Cyprus or the Iskenderun Brigade and not  Jarablus and Azaz, because the Afrien people cling to his land and dignity and chose the resistance to his freedom and will not allow the foreigners to occupy And called on Turkey and all those who support it not to plunge themselves in this bet with the resistance of the Kurdish people and the peoples of Syria because they will be defeated as defeated in Sere kaniye , Kobani, Manbij and others.

Stressing at the same time that the sons and daughters of the region of Afrin of all components proved to the world that they are able to protect their people and defend their land against the occupying forces and are now fighting strong against the Turkish occupation.

She added that the world is rising today for Afrin against the Turkish occupation and its practices, and that the entire people of Kurdistan in the mobilization for Afrin, and that this will will defeat the Turkish aggression.

At the end of her speech, Fawza Yousef, the co-chair of the Executive body of the Democratic Federation of North Syria, confirmed that Turkey during its attacks on Afrin would put itself in a disaster and would pay the price