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Federalism is a continuation of victories of 3rd line in the Syrian crisis”





NEWS DEAK- A member of the Council of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) in al–Jazeera region and the Co-chair of the TEV-DEM’s Council in the area of Tirbê Sipî  Hadya Shamu said that people of North Syria are ready for the current stage, and the third approach in the Syrian crisis since the beginning of the revolution has yielded positive results and achieved many gains, the federalism elections are the largest victory and evidence of the emergence of a state of national consciousness among all components of North Syria.

As the elections approach, the second stage of the federal elections in North Syria, after the success of the first stage of the election of co-chair of the communes, which is the core of the federalism project, despite the bets of many parties that said more than once that these elections will fail and so will the federalism as it has no ground for its continuity.

Current gains are the culmination of the third line approach

After first stage succeeded, preparations are under way for local administration elections. Member of the Council of the Democratic Society Movement in al-Jazeera region Hadya Shamo said that these elections came as a positive result of the approach taken by the people of Rojava- North Syria in the adoption of the third approach of the Syrian crisis since the beginning of the revolution where achievement of gains and the restoration of the rights of all components were considered a target away from taking the regime or the opposition’s side.

The beginning was with the People’s Council of Rojava

Hadya  Shamo pointed that the beginning that the third line was the beginning of the formation of the People’s Councils in Rojava after the liberation of the regions and towns from the control of the Baathist regime, turning these councils into a nucleus of federalism that are now organizing, “the beginning of the revolution and as the People Protection Units and Women Protection Units (YPG and YPJ) along with people liberated the regions from the Syrian regime, we the people of Rojava, have filled the regulatory vacuum, so the people’s assemblies were an initial step to start working within our regions, despite the limited potential and scarce experience.”

Hadya Shamo added “With the formation of these councils, the People’s Councils were established in Rojava and co-chairs were elected and despite the opposition of some parties,” the regime is still in some areas and you cannot work, “she said.” But we strongly pledged at the beginning of the Syrian revolution to walk the line of freedom and the democratic nation and we have kept our promise till this day.”

Transformation to the system of communes

The Co-chair of the Council of the Democratic Society Movement in al- Jazeera region of Tirbê Sipî has revealed that Hadya Shamo two years after the formation of the Councils began the formation of the communes and the formation of the Council system in their actual form.

Shamo has emphasized that the communes are a unique kind of system to be implemented in the region. So the people of Rojava first have found it difficult to implement it, but nevertheless, they set up their communes and at the beginning of its formation they have suffered from a severe shortage. The people of Rojava took a big step through training courses in the intellectual academies of al-Jazeera region

Stage2: Rehabilitation of the Communes

As for the purpose of the second stage of the rehabilitation of the communes, Hadya Shamo added “In the second session of the restructuring of the communes, mass meetings were held in all regions of al-Jazeera region to convey the idea that the communes are not a political, ethnical or sectarian entity, “The people of Rojava are all connected to each other. The second objective is to rehabilitate the committees to work more in the region.”

Hadya Shamo has pointed that the victories come thanks to the resisting people of Rojava who fought for their freedom and are still showing resistance to achieve triumph and freedom.

The communes and councils are the basis of the federal system

As for the unique stage of its acceptance by the Syrian North, Hadya Shamo said, “Today we are heading towards a new stage of federalism. The new stage is based on the communes. Although the commune is a small cell, it has a big role in society. The success of the communes and having become eligible to be the basic infrastructure of the federal system, we are now heading towards the elections to begin building the democratic federal system in northern Syria, which guarantees the unity of Syrian territory and not dividing it, as some claim.

Shamo stressed that the project of federalism is not only for the Kurdish people. ” By the stage we went through, the project proved it is allocated for all the spectra of the people and ensuring the rights and freedom of all the Syrian people.”

Hadya Shamo ended her speech by mentioning the success of women in the construction stage “Women in North Syria played a pioneering role by joining all military and political spheres, and the co-chair system between men and women broke all barriers that restricted women.”