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Female basketball team, unique experience with self-initiative


AFRIN- Their supremacy in the football field has increased their confidence in themselves and their sport activities expansion, so they follow the formation of a basketball team in unique step and with self- initiative.EFRIN-RECO-TIMA-BASKET-BULL (4)

With the expansion of sports activities in Afrin canton and the display of the women’s role in this course, the students in the Rajo preparatory schools formed the first women’s basketball team in the canton to show the women’s role in the sports arena.

Rajo Women’s Basketball Team” was formed on March 1, 2015, with 12 female schoolgirls named Rajo Women’s Team. This initiative was initiated by the female students after the superiority of the young women in the region in the football game.

As the basketball game is characterized by an educational game that specializes in special sports lessons about the game, players are required to attend the exercises continuously, and the study’s result was limited to two days a week, and during the summer vacation, the exercise continued on a daily basis.EFRIN-RECO-TIMA-BASKET-BULL (3)

Rajo Basketball Team played several matches with Afrin Team, and the Jindreissa Team, which later formed, as they participated in many tournaments and students’ festival, and the martyr Aren Mircan Festival and reached the finals.

In order to develop the team’s skills, the Berkhdan Youth League of the Democratic Union Party hosted the women’s basketball team, which was named “Brakhdan Club Women’s Team” in June 2017. The team also played basketball in Afrin and managed to secure the players’ sports accessories such as clothing and footwear.

“The sporting spirit and cooperation between the players has made the team superior and they continue their training,” said team captain Noura Mohammed. “There is no obstacle to their ambitions,” she said.