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Fighters from Deir ez-Zor : It’s time to stand up in one rank ,revenge for our martyrs




DEIR EZ-ZOR– A youth of Deir ez-Zor city who joined Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) after liberating their areas from IS mercenaries, pointed out that their goal is to liberate their city from terrorism, stressing that it is time to stand together under umbrella of (SDF) to clean their land and take their revenge from IS mercenaries calling on all the young people in the city to join the ranks of SDF to carry out their duties towards their land and their people.

Hawar news agency held an interview with a number of fighters who joined SDF from Deir ez-Zor city after liberating their city by SDF and villages of the Deir ez-Zor city.

The fighter Mohammed Ahmed al-Ibrahim nom de guerre is “Brosk “from the people of al-Bukamal city that his goal to join  of the Syrian Democratic forces SDF:

” liberation the region from the abomination of terrorism, which violated the dignity and freedom of our people throughout these years, which led me to join the ranks of Syria’s Democratic Forces.”

Brosk stressed that people have suffered from brutal practice and injustice by IS mercenaries

The fighter Jamal Haj Ali nom de guerre is “Timur ” said ” the injustice we have seen from IS mercenaries and inhumane treatment made our youth take the decision to join Syrian Democratic Forces SDF to defend the dignity of the people and land .”

At the end of his speech “Timur” confirmed that they saw the goal of Syria’s Democratic Forces SDF not only to liberate the region from terrorism but to build Syria on the basis of democracy and the unity of its people.