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“Fighting in al-Raqqa, we fulfil our promise” Yazidi fighters

NEWS DESK– Fighters of Şengal Women Units partaking the campaign to liberate al-Raqqa city have commemorated the third anniversary of Şengal massacre, fighters assured that their participation in al-Raqqa liberation campaign is fulfilment of their promise to revenge.

In coincidence with the third anniversary of Şengal massacre, the Şengal Women Units have released a statement about this:

The statement commemorated martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Şengal protection and renewed their commitment to their keep to their track.

The statement added” facing these filthy annihilation schemes, Yazidi women clinging to their land, they headed to the mountains as decisive response to these massacres; thus Şengal women have organized their ranks on all levels to repel these attacks. Yazidi women taking this step, they have revenged for all massacres that targeted Yazidi people, women escalating struggle since 3 years as they adopted the perspectives of leader Apo, it shed light on the truth and essence of the Yazidi women.

The statement also pointed to the Şengal Women Units’ participation in al-Raqqa liberation” having taken part in al-Raqqa liberation campaign, we are revenging daily for the women who martyred in this massacre. Today fighting in al-Raqqa, where our women were enslaved and sold, we are fulfilling our promise to revenge, our existence here is revenge for all the kidnapped women.

Şengal Women Units vowed in the end of their statement to continue their struggle and resistance till all Yazidi women are liberated, IS is eliminated and martyrs are revenged for.