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First course opened in Afrin Women Research Center

AFRIN- The Jinology  (Women’s Science) Research Center in Afrin canton opened the first training course for its members.EFRIN-PERWERDEYA-NAVENDA-JINOLOJIYA (3)

During the five-day course, the Center would attempt to raise the level of giving lectures and broaden the intellectual horizon of the participants in the course so that they would be able to give lectures to the people in the region.

After the first Jinology Research Center was opened by Afrin women in August 16 in Afrin region, the center opened on Monday the first training course aiming at spreading the concept of Jinology.SEVIN GAMO

The training was organized in Women’s Research Center by the participation of 12 members of the center. Moreover, 5 specialized administrative members of Jinology Research Center’s Committee are supervising the training course.

The course includes intellectual and sociologic lectures about the importance of Jinology and how to apply it practically among the society in addition to explaining what is Jinology in depth, and gave lectures under the title of Jinology, Ethics and Aesthetic, Women’s Science and Its Relation With Women’s Society.EFRIN-PERWERDEYA-NAVENDA-JINOLOJIYA (2)

During an interview that Hawar news agency held with the member of the committee of Jinology Research Center Sevin Jamo, Sevin Jamo noted that it is necessary to establish specialized sub-committees to Jinology in all institutions to play their role within Jinology Research Center.

Sevin Jamo explained their aim of this course saying “the importance of training lies in establishing the correct idea and explaining it to all members of the center, and creating a kind of inquiry and the soul of discovery in addition to spreading Jinology among all women who do not recognize this science so a free society would be formed based on intellectual and scientific bases”.