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First model course for driving in Manbaj with participation of women

MANBIJ – The first driving training course was opened at the Manbaj School for Driving Education with 97 trainees and trainees, including 40 women.

The training course, which opened today at the Manbij School for Driving Education, is the first in the Manbaj area and is also the first time in the history of Manbij to attend a driving course.


The training course including 97 trainees and trainees, including 40 women, and will last for 15 days, starting from 08.00 to 15.00 hours. Each with a quota of 7 to 10 trainees. Through a specialized staff prepared by the Traffic Department and the Transportation Committee in  the city administration in Manbaj and its countryside

The Co-Chair of the External Relations Committee in  Manbij City Administration and her countryside Sharian Khalil, one of the trainees at the first courses , explained that the opening of driving courses is a good step and a step for women. “For the first time in women’s history, women join a driving course “He said.

She pointed out that this is due to the thought of the populist women, which is the democratic thought put forward by Leader Ocelan, companion of women and companion of humanity.

During the course, trainees will receive theoretical lessons about the structure of the vehicle and how to maintain some emergency breakdowns, as well as learning about the irrigated signals. And practical lessons on how to drive and control the car and walk in regular and rugged roads.

She appealed to all women of Manbaj to join all institutions in the city and play their leading role