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First poultry farm in Shera opened  

AFRIN- The center for Economic Development in Afrin canton in  Afrin region have opened the first poultry farm under name of Rojava in the village of Deir Swan in Shera district during the ceremony.


In order to develop poultry farming and take advantage of local eggs, and reduce their high prices in the markets, the Economic Development Center in the village of Deir Swan belong in Shera district in Afrin canton opened a poultry farm under name of Rojava which is the first project of its kind in Shera district.

The poultry farm began to bring batches of chickens, in addition to medical equipment, animal medicines and feed.  According to project’s supervisors, it is took two months to complete the necessary procedures for the project. The project is supervised by workers to take care of the poultry farm’s neatness and insure its needs.

The poultry farm was opened on Thursday during ceremonies, and the members of  Economic Development center, representatives of the civil institutions in the district and the people of its villages attended the ceremonies.  SERIN MURAD

The opening began with a speech delivered by the director of the Economic Development center in Shera district Nidal Ibrahim saying “the opening of this project is a support to the economy of Afrin, and we worked on it with the self-possibilities of the members of the center. We assure that we will do more to support the economy of the canton, and provide suitable prices for the people.

In her turn, the member in the Kongra Star in the district Sherin Morad said “we participated in the completion of this project to support the economy of the district, and we will insure all the requirements for this project.”

Then, the opening band was cut by the families of the martyrs, while the attendees wandered inside the poultry farm.

The opening ceremonies ended with chanting the slogans that salute the resistance of the Afrin canton’s people.