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First school in al-Raqqa opened


AlRAQQA- The cleaning al-Mushlab neighborhood and the removal of mines completed, the people returning to their homes, the Education Committee in al- Raqqa Civil Council opened the first school in al-Raqqa city for 800 students to start receiving their education amid an intensive turnout of students.REQA-VEKIRINA DEBESTANA ZAROKA (2)

After the students have been cut off from their schools in al-Raqqa city for 4 years, the Education Committee opened al-Wahda School in al-Mushlab neighborhood after completing the cleaning operations there.

11 teachers would teach there, while the number of students registered reached 800, and registration of students is witnessing a considerable demand.

The school is one of the oldest schools in al-Mushlab neighborhood, it is a building of 3 floors with 11 equipped classrooms that would be enough to accommodate 800 students.

“After removing the mines in the schools has been finished by the special teams, we started to clean the school of dirt to receive the students,” said the manager of al-Wahda school Abdul Razzaq al-Hamoud.IBDEA REZAQ

“Students cut off from school and this drop-out affects the students when a 10-year-old student is in the first grade at the moment, but in the second semester, the students will be tested and the screened according to the student’s absorption of the information and their efforts,” said Abdul Razzaq al-Hamoud.

Al-Hamoud confirmed that they will continue to educate the children, and called on the concerned parties to provide them with the necessary assistances and supplies for the school.