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First stage ended distribution of heating fuel in al-Tabqa


AL_TABQA- In al- tabqa city has been ended the first stage from fuel distribution which uesd for heatting after two months

The distribution process ended after fuelCommittee of the People’s Municipality in al- tabqa city distributed the last amount has been allocated to the neighborhoods that were not distributed in al- Mhajeah neighborhood in the area of the village, which distributed allocations.
The distribution began about two months ago.

The distribution of the heating fuel is to be completed by the start of stage two, the distribution on the annexes, as some neighborhoods have given their schedules late, as well as those who have not received any amount of heating oil.

In addition to al-Tabqa city refugees who did not receive any amount of heating Mazot.

This is for the city, while the countryside was to be included in the distribution after the completion of the city, but this has been modified to form committees belong of the Committee al- Tabqa city and under the supervision of the distribution of such as the Commission ofal- Mansoura and the Commission. Of al- Jarnyia