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First training course of Society protection forces in al-Raqqa

AL_RAQQA – The Committee of Society Protection opened the first training curse for the training and organizing the members of the Society protection forces in al-Raqqa city

39-memberes  including 4 women, joined the neighborhood of al-Mashlaab  in al-Raqqa city.NEBIL-300x169

The participants will receive intellectual and military lessons, including “peoples fraternity, the importance of training, the Democratic nation”, as well as military lessons to be trained and ready to protect the city.

In a meeting with a member of the Society Protection Committee and the supervisor of the course, Nabil Ismail, Said”

Women have played an important role in the protection of society through their association with the Society protection forces, and joining them today is proof of this.”

Ismail pointed out that more than 200 people joined Society protection forces, and the numbers are increasing so that courses will be opened to accommodate this number next week.

Nabil Isma’il noted that these forces are not only to protect the al-Mashlab neighborhood  but also to protect the entire al-Raqqa city in coordination with the military forces present in the city.