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Foiling Turkish attacks by land and air in Janders


AFRIN- The fighters of the People Protection Units (YPG) and Women Protection Units (YPJ) repelled the attacks launched by the Turkish occupation army from 3 axes with aerial support of the mercenaries by the warplanes’ bombardment on the area, while the clashes are ongoing in the western villages of Janders district’s center.

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army have intensified their attacks and bombardment against the villages of Hamam, Deir Balloot, Ashka Gharbi, Haj Iskender, Nesriyeh, Agjale, Bafloor hill, and Mahemediyeh village in order to occupy them to be on the outskirts of Janders district’s center since 11:30 on Monday.

The attacks came in coincidence with hovering the drones and warplanes to launch several raids on the center of Janders district and the mentioned villages.

The attacks by land and air simultaneously 

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries who take Atma camp for refugees as a center for their attacks on the villages located in the western gates of Janders district’s center that are 7 km away from Janders district’s center use several means to frighten the civilians live in Janders district and who have been resisting the bombardment of the mercenaries since 24 days.

On Monday morning before 10:00, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army who are stationed in Atma camp that is adjacent to Deir Balloot village fired bullets to launch their attacks from 3 axes in addition to the artillery shelling on Deir Balloot village, Bafloor hill, and Mahemediyeh, and the fighters of YPG and YPJ repelled the attacks as the mercenaries did not achieve any progress or victory by land. After an hour at 11:30, Turkish drones hovered over Janders district’s center and the villages that were attacked by the mercenaries.

After two hours passed on hovering the drones, the warplanes hovered over the area where clashes were ongoing in to launch several successive raids.

Foiling the land and air attacks

The fighters of YPG and YPJ repelled the attacks of the Turkish occupation army’s mercenaries that were launched from 3 axes at the same time with high morale and struggling souls, in addition to chanting the slogans of victory and loyalty.

The revolutionary people have no longer got frightened from the warplanes

The morning of Monday was not the first day when the Turkish occupation bombarded Janders area. In coincidence with the noises of the clashes, the people have been known how to behave as they head towards the safe places that would protect them from the bombardment of the warplanes and the shells. Soon, after chilling out the atmosphere, and going the warplanes away, the movement returns back again to the streets of the district.