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Footage of Abu Fas’ horrific massacre by IS mercenaries




DEIR EZ-ZOR– ANHA has received videos of the moment of the terrible attack carried out against civilians fleeing from the brutality of IS mercenaries towards the liberated areas which was liberated by Syrian  Democratic Forces in the eastern bank of the Euphrates River “al-Jazeera”, which led to the martyrdom of the correspondent of Hawar news agency Delishan Ibish, and other 14 civilians according to the primary outcome and 73 were injured, including the ANHA’s correspondents of our agencies Rizgar Deniz and Hogir Muhammad.

IS mercenaries carried an attack by two bombed vehicles on Thursday at around 18:30 local time on al- Kharafi road in Abu Fas village in Deir ez-Zor’ s rural area, which connects Deir- ez-Zor and al-Hasakah canton in al-Jazeera region

IS mercenaries’ attack aimed at a gathering of civilians fleeing from the brutality of IS mercenaries for areas liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces.

The video of our agency got shows that two cars have been set on fire, and Syrian Democratic Forces fighters are rushing to transport the victims’ bodies and the wounded, as well as trying to extinguish the fire burning in the bodies of a number of victims by water.

The video also shows dozens of civilians fleeing towards the Syrian Democratic Forces, after the horrific massacre, and the moment of the explosion of a landmine left by IS gangs.

The massacre resulted in the martyrdom of our agency’s correspondent, Delishan Ibish, and the injury of reporters Rizgar Deniz and Hogir Muhammed, who were accompanied by the martyr Delishan when she was trying to document the escape of civilians from areas of control of the Syrian regime in Deir ez-Zor countryside.