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For first time in al-Tabqa, women recognize Nov 25 significance

AL-TABQA – For the first time, the Women Council in al-Tabqa and rural areas organizes a series of events in the framework of the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women, which is November 25.TIBQA-JINEN-TEBQA-VARA-YKEMIN-1-300x200

The event is the first in al-Tabqa highlighting this event after six years in which various forms of physical and psychological violence have been subjected to rape, kidnapping and killing, culminating in the occupation of al-Tabqa mercenary groups since the crisis beginning in Syria The 2011 spring and the last of May 10, when fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces have liberated al-Tabqa city.

The events will include meetings and seminars to be held in al-Tabqa city and its eastern and western countryside, from the 22nd  of this month to the 24th.

On December 17, 1999, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (resolution 54/134) of 25 November 1999, in which the United Nations have invited governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations to organize activities that raise awareness about the problem extent at this international celebration, women around the world are vulnerable to rape, domestic violence, female circumcision and other forms of violence and measuring the problem nature is difficult to compile.

The administration of the Women’s Council in al-Tabqa and its villages, Walaa al-Naji, said that such seminars aim to “educate women about violence against them by living in harsh conditions such as divorce and widowhood.”

This date came from the brutal assassination of the Mirabel sisters of the political activists of the Dominican Republic in 1960 by orders of the Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo (1930-1961).

Al-Naji has also noted that women “in our society still do not know how to claim their right, which is freedom.”

Al-Naji said that the council will participate in seminars and send invitations to attend seminars to all women working in local institutions and councils.