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For this reason, mercenaries would occupy Iska


AFRIN- The mercenaries of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Jabhet al-Nusra) launch successive attacks on Iska village in Sherawa district in Afrin canton aiming at occupying it. What is the importance of the village, and why they intend to occupy it?FRIN-CIMA-CETE-DIXWAZIN-ISKA-DAGIR-BIKIN ‫(1)‬

The mercenaries of Hayet Tahrir al-Sham are striving at occupying the villages that are located on Lêlûn Mountain’s slope from Daret Izah town’s side and Samaan Citadel. The most important point that is exposed to the mercenaries’ bombardment and attacks is Iska village where many citizens get wounded by the mercenaries’ bullets and shells.

Iska village is in the southern side of Afrin canton, and it is about 25 km away from the center of the canton. According to the statistics of 2014, the population of the village is 1,116.

The village’s strategic location

The village is located down Lêlûn mountain that facilitated bombarding it by the mercenaries stationed in Deir Samaan village and Samaan Citadel. The village is also located between Xezêwiyê, Şadêrê and Celemê villages. Moreover, by occupying Iska village, that would facilitate for the mercenaries to occupy the extended line from Xezêwiyê till Celemê so that Cûma Plain, Basûta and Birj Abdallo villages in addition to Janders area would be at the range of the mercenaries’ fire.

By occupying Iska village, Celemê village that is almost daily exposed to the mercenaries’ bombardment would be strangled as it is only several kilometers away from Iska village. The same applies to Xezêwiyê and Şadêrê villages.FRIN-CIMA-CETE-DIXWAZIN-ISKA-DAGIR-BIKIN ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

If the mercenaries occupied Iska, Xezêwiyê, Şadêrê and Celemê line, the villages of Basofan and Bayeh would be in the range of the mercenaries’ fire from the southern and western sides.

Furthermore, Iska village is almost daily exposed to haphazard bombardment by the mercenaries who are stationed in the surrounding of Samaan Citadel and Daret Izah town.