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Formation of communes in al-Raqqa’s al-Tayyar district finished  



AL-RAQQA-The Committee of the Formation of Councils and Communes belonging to al-Raqqa Civil Council has ended   formation of communes including 6 communes, while the committee will begin forming communes in al-Dariya and al-Jazra neighborhoods.

And at the request of the people and to facilitate the service and organizational matters in the neighborhood after return of the people to their homes, the committee of the Formation of Councils was formed the communes belonging to al-Raqqa Civil communes were formed in al-Tayyar neighborhood during meetings held by the committee for people.


The Committee concluded on Wednesday formation of the communes in al-Tayyar the neighborhood in al-Raqqa Civil Council making up 6 communes.

In this context, member of the Committee for the formation of councils Mahmoud al-Ali said: “Today we finished the district of al-Tayyar while our future plan will form the communes in al-Dariya and al-Jazra neighborhoods.