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Forum of Women’s Research Center in Afrin opens

AFRIN- Under the auspices of the Women’s Research Center(Jinolojî) in Afrin canton, the events of the forum were launched in the presence of a group of women from al-Shahba and Afrin cantons, and Aleppo city.EFRIN-DESPEKIRNA-MENTEDA-JIN (4)

Under the slogan “Under the leadership of the Jinolojî (a term devised by the Kurdish people leader meaning Women Science), we will break the wall of Imrali and with our leader, we will end the violence against women” “The forum was organized by the Women’s Research Center.

In the scene of the martyr Ruken in Afrin city, coinciding with the approaching of International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women.

The forum hall was decorated with pictures of the fighters and the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, banners reading “Violence against women is killing values of society, protect our values, uproot violence to achieve free life, violence against women as violence against life.”

As well as decorating them with colored cards with words of motivation and the status of women. “Progressive, persistent, challenging, your voice is the voice of life, violence is weakness, be as you are a woman, I will not shut up, I will not be woman subjected to violence, and “No to violence against women.”

Hundreds of women, wearing folkloric costumes from Afrin, al-Shahba cantons and Aleppo attended from the eastern neighborhood councils, as well as representatives from all the cantons’ institutions and organizations. Women’s Protection Units, Society Protection Forces, Asayîş Women, Kongra Star.

After a minute of silence, the Forum will continue to deliver an opening speech by the Co-Chair of the Executive Council, Hevi Mustafa.

The first topic on violence and women’s history will be the role of Rojava revolution in standing up to the violence against women, while the second is the circulation of Jinolojî women’s science and its role in educating women and society.

The third will be the definition of the meaning of protection and its importance for women, and the fourth and the final will be on women and politics. The forum will focus on bringing women and society together to politics and how to follow the political approach, and TV screens will be presented on the International Day against Violence against Women.”