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Fourth stage of Operation Wrath of Euphrates is resumed

NEWS DESK – The Operations Room Wrath of Euphrates announced that the 4th phase of operation of liberating the city of Raqqa, which was paused 15 days ago, has resumed and that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that progressed on Tuesday advanced in the operation by seven kilometres and liberated two villages.

The written statement released by the Operations Room Wrath of Euphrates officially announced the relaunch of the campaign which was paused 15 days ago.

The statement released by the Operations Room said the following:

“On behalf of the Operations Room Wrath of Euphrates, we announce that the 4th Stage of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates has begun again after a 15-day pause. All the villages around the city will be liberated and preparations will be made for the liberation of the city as part of this campaign. Our forces began progressing at 18:00 hours on May 9, progressing 7 km, liberating the villages of El-Celai and Meyselum and surroundings hamlets. Our forces will increase sieging the enemy positions and will approach into the city from around it.

Despite futile terror attack attempts and Erdogan’s efforts to obstruct YPG with attacks from behind, our forces have responded to the attacks. We emphasize that the created obstacles and devious attacks did not break but on the contrary strengthened our will and determination in the fight against terror. The recent days have offered us an opportunity to concentrate more fighters and prepare for battle. We reiterate that we have the will and power to achieve the forthcoming victory, and that we will continue the struggle waged by our heroic fighters and comrades such as Rüstem Efrin.

In this way, we salute our people who are helping our forces and are standing against the terrorists. We call on them to act carefully and stay away from the enemy’s centres, to pass through safe zones in order for rescue efforts to be expedited.

We promise that we will act with all our power for the safety and peace of civilians. We also salute the commanders and fighters of all the groups participating in the campaign, and wish them success.

We thank the International Coalition, who is beside our forces against terrorism and has struck blows against the gangs in aerial and ground operations.

Despite all the obstacles and all the counter efforts, our determination and commitment to clear all the lands of the country from terrrorists will not end.”