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France’s massacres plan at YPG hands


NEWS DESK – The media center of the People’s Protection units (YPG) revealed the identity of a number of foreign detainee mercenaries including the French IS mercenary Thomas Barnoin accused of planning terrorist operations in France.

The media center of YPG said in a statement posted on its official website that the mercenary Thomas Barnoin, who has participated in many attacks, has also recruited elements in favor of “Daesh”.  Thomas was arrested by Anti-Terrorist Units of YPG.

According to the statement, the mercenary Thomas Barnoin participated in planning the terrorist attack that targeted the civilians in Toulouse city in 2012 which killed 7 civilians, and he contributed to the planning of the massacre of Paris in November 2015 which killed 130 civilians. The statement also revealed the identity of other five IS mercenaries who are internationally accused of carrying out terrorist attacks.

The statement mentioned by the General Command of the Anti-Terrorist Units about their forces that they arrested the mercenaries mentioned in December last year on the Turkish border, “They were arrested during a special operation while he was trying to cross the border into Turkey as five French mercenaries, and the person who was working to reach them to Turkey were arrested.”

The mercenaries detained according to the statement are the following:

Thomas Barnoin (Abu Ahmed al-Faranci, aged 36).

Kevin Connaught (Abu Sufyan al-Faranci, 32 years old).

Mohamed El-Maghribi (Abu Maymouna al-Faransi, 36 years old).

Romayn Carner (Abu Salama al-Frenci, 31 years old).

Thomas Collange (Abu Hussein al-Frenci, 30 years old).

Najeeb al-Maghribi (Abu Suleiman al-Jazaeri, 35 years old).

In the details, the statement said that the IS mercenary Thomas Barnoin has entered Syria for the first time in 2005, and was arrested in 2006 by the Baathist regime, and handed over to the French authorities. In 2014, he entered Syria again through Turkey to join IS mercenaries. “People from France sent me to Turkey, and they introduced me to people from Turkey. I did not think that I would enter Turkey, and I could easily cross into Syria,” the statement said. It was very easy, I was surprised. In France I was arrested for terrorism, and I thought that I would be arrested in Turkey too, and they would hand me over to the French authorities, but no problem was appeared. At first, I came to Istanbul, then to Antakya (Hatay), and from there, I crossed to Lattakia. In 2014, when we moved from Lattakia to al- Raqqa, we also passed through Turkey. “

According to Barnoin’s confessions, he took over the responsibilities of the media and the administration of the Sharia schools in al-Taqba and al-Raqqa. As the “Great Battle” began, he moved to al-Mayadeen where he was detained there by IS mercenaries for 105 days. “When IS want to arrest someone, they arrest them without a question or trial, and they do not tell them the charge and the reason for the arrest. At that time I realized that this organization had nothing to do with the Islamic religion. “Da’esh” was found by international intelligence, not fighting for Islam, but for money and petrol. Currently, IS mercenaries themselves have lost confidence in “Daesh”, many of whom wish to flee. There are only a few who still believe that a preacher is fighting for Islam. When I realized these facts, I decided to return to Turkey, but I was arrested on the border.”

According to the statement, Barnoin assured that many IS mercenaries arrived the European countries through Turkey, and they carried out suicide attacks. “Crossing the Turkish border is very easy so far many people crossed the Turkish border and reached Europe. I did not see anyone leaving the Jordanian or Saudi borders, but many IS mercenaries arrived Turkey. Ninety percent of the foreigners who joined “Daesh” entered crossing the Turkish border. Now they are also trying to flee across the Turkish border. I thought that if I handed myself over to YPG, I would be tortured or killed. If I had known the truth of YPG, I would have surrendered to them myself firstly.”

Barnoin, and the group that were arrested with him are responsible for numerous suicide attacks, and recruitment operations, as well as the preparation of secret and sleeping cells in a number of European countries.

The General Command of the Anti-Terrorism Units said that they are continuing the campaign successfully. In the past few weeks, they arrested 20 mercenaries, mostly foreigners from countries such as Tunisia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany, Sweden, France, Britain and other European countries, as well as the Arnaout, they were trying to cross the border and reach Turkey.