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Free Women’s Association Launches “your health in world” Campaign


QAMISHILO- The free Women’s Association, in cooperation with Scoop, has launched a campaign to maintain health in Qamishlo city , in the name of your health in world .Qam- Li- ser- tendûrîstiya- zaroka - mamosteya –re- semînêr- hate- dayin (3)

In the context of this campaign, a lecture was organized for school teachers at the Center for the Democratic Society Training in the east side of Qamishlo city .

During the lecture delivered by doctors Abdul Rahim Ahmed, Shahnaz Muslli, and Muhammed Nour was addressed to “the children’s health and psychological status, in addition to first aid, and distributed brochures in particular to attend.

According to the campaign supervisors, the aim of their campaign is to:

* Follow up the health status of school students

* Distribution of health publications and pamphlets in the city and countryside.

Organizing lectures for the teacher about health.

* Organizing  visits to refugee camps and displaced persons “Ain Issa, al-Houl, and Nurouz camps”, and to look for the health status of children.

  • Providing medicines for refugees and displaced persons in the aforementioned camps