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Freedom fighters are only 700 m from Minbic



MINBIC – in the 14th day of the Minbic campaign, freedom fighters are only 700 m from the city after freeing Hamdoun Farm village.

Fighters of the Military Council of Minbic keep on proceeding towards Minbic city under the campaign “Martyr Commander Feisal Abu Laila” to free Minbic and its countryside, the fighters have finished the first phase besieging the city and reached the second phase of the campaign.

On the southern front level, Minbic fighters could free Hamdoun Farm village south of Minbic and are only 700 m from the center of the city.

Hamdouni another fighter in the same battalion’s ranks said that they are approaching the city” as we promised Abu Laila to liberate Minbic, we will keep our promise and Minbic will be liberated”.