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From an archaeological site to an auction for sale of cars stolen from Kobani



Al-RAQQA –  IS mercenaries turned Haroun al-Rasheed wall Street, known as the “Old al-Raqqa Wall,” is being built from an archaeological and tourist site to a public auction and market for stolen and looted vehicles and property from  Kobani  city and Iraqi cities.

IS mercenaries sells the cars which are stolen by the civilians in the old wall street of al-Raqqa  , which IS mercenaries turned  from an archeological and tourist site to auction to sell cars which are sold at the cheapest prices and less than 100 thousand SP, not equal to 10% of its real value.REQA-CEHEIE-FROTENIA-SYARA-1-300x200

The cars and property which were looted by IS mercenaries during the attack on Kobani city and other Syrian and Iraqi cities were later transferred by IS mercenaries to the old wall of al- Raqqa  in the center of the city.


The stolen property includes vehicles and machinery. During our tour, we found desert air conditioners, domestic chandeliers, doors and windows of houses and water tanks that are still in its place. But the cars in the wall are off and the interior parts are removed and the cars at the other side of the wall, IS mercenaries urged to burn them a while before they were defeated by their alleged capital.


IS mercenaries did not stop with  their criminal acts against the civilians living in the neighborhoods and cities they occupied from killing, slaughtering and crucifying, but even increasing their crime by stealing the contents of civilian houses. IS mercenaries consider that all what had been stolen is a war booty and not a robbery.


Ahmed al-Ali, from al-Meshleb neighborhood, said that all the cars in the old wall street of al-Raqqa were stolen by IS mercenaries from Kobani city. They sold them as trophies at the public auction for 100,000 SP or less.

It is noteworthy that all vehicles and cars which were looted  by IS mercenaries from  Kobani city and the Syrian and Iraqi areas are still present in the old wall of al-Raqqa, most of which are either disabled or burned by IS mercenaries elements .