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From Kojo to Deir ez-Zor.. Suffering from pain over 3 years



QAMSHLO– She has suffered from pain and torture for more than 3 years after the armed of Kurdish Democratic Party (PDK) have fled Şengal, and left her like thousands of Yazidi women at the hands of IS mercenaries.
(W,D) the 33-year-old Yazidi woman from the village of Kojo in Şengal has suffered from pain and torture like thousands of Yazidi women who were kidnapped by IS mercenaries after the withdrawal of the Peshmerga of the Kurdish Democratic Party from Şengal in August 3, 2014.
(W,D) was married and had 4 children; Saber who is at 20 now, Salim is 15 years old, Aldor is at 7 and (R) who was not been named as he is still at the hands of IS mercenaries, and he is 10 years old. She was living in the village of Kojo in Şengal, but during the mercenaries’ attacks on Şengal, she has been kidnapped with her son (R).
The Syrian Democratic Forces have managed to liberate (W,D) from the mercenaries in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor, but her son (R) is still at the hands IS. While she does not know anything about the rest of her children and her husband since they have been kidnapped in August 2014.
Now, (W,D) is living in the Yazidi House in al-Jazeera canton, where the Yazidi House coordinates with Women Body to return (W,D) to her family in Şengal.
The nightmare of the attack remains in her mind
“(W,D) still remembers how Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Democratic Party have fled and left the people of Kojo village in Şengal at the hands of IS mercenaries. (W,D) said “my family and all the villagers who were caught at the hands of IS mercenaries were gathered in the village’s school.”
In the school, men were separated from women and children, men were blindfolded and taken away. (W,D) did not know where her husband and two sons, Saber and Salam, were transferred, she also did not know anything about her child Aldor.
After the women and children have remained alone in the school, all their money and gold were looted, and then, the eyes of the women and children were closed and they were taken to a prison in the Iraqi city of Tel Afar.

The journey of torment in the prison
(W,D) and her child (R) have remained in Tel Afar prison for a whole month, she described the prison saying “our numbers were huge in the prison. The cries of children and mothers were rising. Fear did not leave us for a moment. We had no idea what would happen to us.”
(W,D) said that the mercenaries used to give each person in the prison a piece of bread and a piece of cheese a day, even these few quantities were provided amid insults and calling them “blasphemers and not deserve to live”.
After a month of torment and humiliation in the prison, (W,D) and her son were taken to one of the Shias houses in Tel Afar city which was taken over by Is mercenaries. She has remained there for two months. During this period, the mercenaries have threatened her and her son of killing and cutting off their heads. She added ” they used to tell us that and come out their swords in front of us to terrorize us.”

From Tel Afar to al-Raqqa and selling in al-Nakhasa markets
After spending two months in a house seized by the mercenaries in Tel Afar city, (W,D) was taken with her son and other several Yazidi girls to the Syrian city of al- Raqqa till they were placed in a prison in the center of the city for 13 days.
After that, the mercenaries began to sell the women in the markets of al-Nakhasa in al-Raqqa city. (W,D) said “I was sold to a mercenary named Abu Omar al-Najdi, and this mercenary took me to his headquarter in al-Raqqa, and then, he sold me and other five Yazidi girls to another mercenary named Abu Muhammad al- Ansari for 33 million Iraqi dinars as I was remained there for a month.”
But a month later, the mercenary Abu Muhammad al-Ansari was arrested and taken to prison by IS mercenaries, and (W,D) and her son were also transferred to the prison.

Electrocuted in the prison

(W,D) narrated what she was exposed to in the prison and tears were running out of her eyes, she said “the prison was underground and in the form of a tunnel which was very large and contained many women and men. Everyone was subjected to violence, and I was also subjected to violence as I was electrocuted and severely beaten to the extent that blood was shed from my body.”

To al-Nakhasa markets again
A month later, the mercenaries sold (W,D) to another mercenary named Abu Obeid al-Libi from Deir ez-Zor city. She was transferred from al-Raqqa to Deir ez-Zor city , where she was separated from her son, the mercenary Abu Obeid al-Libi used her as a servant to the Libyan families of IS mercenaries, and she was taking care for the pregnant of IS mercenaries and supervising them until birth.
After a period of time, the mercenary Abu Obeid al-Libi was killed by a mine explosion in Deir ez-Zor so that she was sold to another mercenary named Abu al-Baraa al-Jazrawi.

Liberating from IS mercenaries
(W,D) was subjected to constant humiliation and beatings by the wife of the mercenary Abu al-Baraa who has remained for more than two years in very ill-treatment situation. Then, she was sold to another mercenary named Abu Salem al-Ansari. After that, Jazeera Tempest campaign to liberate the countryside of Deir ez-Zor started as (W,D) fled IS mercenaries and got liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Awaiting to reach her family
(W,D) was transferred to al-Jazeera canton and handed over to Kongra Star where the Women’s Body works in coordination with the Yazidi House in the al-Jazeera canton in order to return her to her family in Şengal.

She does not know anything about her family and what has happened to them. Her son is still abducted by Is mercenaries.