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From march of youth: We will communicate our voice to all parts of earth with our enthusiasm and our high morale

AL-HASALHA – The foot march  which have been organized by  Rojava Youth Federation and the Young Women’s Union, which started from Al-Hasakah under the slogan “Stand up/ Revolution  for the Leader” arrived in  Jaker village, about 50 km from al- Hasakah city on the road to Amuda.



The march, which  was launched  with the participation of hundreds of members of  the Rojava Youth Union and the Young Women’s Union, will continue on the third day of the march. The march will take place in the Qamishlo city  as part of the “Stand Up  /Revolution for the Leader. “To meet there the marches that launched from the cities of Direk and  Sere kaniya within the same campaign

“We will continue as young people in our uprising and we will reach out to all parts of the world with our enthusiasm and our high morale,” said Nairouz Hassan, a student union member of the youth union.HSK-MESA-CIWANA (4)

For his part, a member of the left-wing youth union, Power Hassou, appealed to all youth to step up their struggle and join the campaign.


The march will continue on to the Qamishlo city and is scheduled to arrive there on the 27th of this month and will meet with the other two trains, which were launched from Direk and Sere kaniya as part of the campaign slogan “Get Up”.