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From Turkish prisons: a historical message from hunger strikers  

NEWS DESK- Hunger strikers in Shokran prison called the public opinion to stand in solidarity with their resistance in the Turkish prisons.

The open hunger strike is almost 60 days in Shokran prison, the hunger strikers sent a message saying” today is the day we adopted leader Apo, Kurdistan and Kurds freedom”.

The message sent is:

“The enemy is implementing Imrali regime in all prisons, let everybody know that the major aim of our activities is eliminating Imrali regime, we have not launched these activities to end the conditions we are experiencing, our major concern is eliminating Imrali regime, because what is being imposed on us is a part of that regime”.

We say to martyrs, we say to Agid,

We can no longer live within Imrali regime,

Nobody can endure holding leader Apo prisoner anymore,

Nobody can stand attack, siege, and massacres committed against our people,

Our comrade Muhamad Tunc’s voice is still echoing in our ears,

Our comrade Mazloum Doğan’s voice is still living in every Kurd’s heart

For pride and resistance.

Towards more bravery, support, revolution and sacrifice, we commit to leader Apo perspective, today is the day we adopt our issue, today is the day we adopt leader Apo, Kurdistan and Kurds freedom, with leader Apo we became a people of free will, today, is the day we liberate the leader Apo and the country with a free will.

With love and honour, we salute you all.