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Fuel Committee in Ain Issa distributed more than two million liters of fuel

GIR Ê SIPÎ- The Fuel Committee in Ain Issa has  distributed 2,200,000 liters of fuel oil to the district and the countryside of al-Raqqa, and 550,000 liters are distributed monthly to the bakeries and poultry farms.ASMAN
The Fuel Committee in Ain Issa district in Girê Sipî canton  continues distributing the fuel oil to the people in Ain Issa district and the countryside al-Raqqa.

The fuel oil is distributed at a price of 65 SP while its price exceeds 170 SP  in the black market.

On Sunday, December 3, 2,200,000 liters of fuel oil were distributed to 11,000 families. The distribution took place in Ain Issa district and its the administrative areas. While in al-Raqqa countryside, the distribution was conducted in Tishreen and Kabash villages and its suburbs. In addition, the committee is distributing the fuel oil in al-Haysha village, and the distribution will then be done in Khanez, al Kalta and Tel al-Samen villages.ABSIL LAH

The member in the Fuel Committee Abdullah al-Ziab talked to Hawar news agency stating, “we are distributing between 200 and 300 barrels per day, and we are still distributing fuel oil to the people. After the distribution would be completed in al-Haysha area, we will distribute the fuel oil to the remaining villages until all the villages in a-Raqqa countryside would be covered.”

In a related context, the co-chair of the Fuel Committee Asman Bozan said, “the Fuel Committee is daily distributing about 60,000 liters, a part of which is distributed to the people for heating, and the other part is distributed to the bakeries, mills, and poultry farms. We, in the Fuel Committee are distributing monthly 300,000 liters to the bakeries and mills, and 250,000 liters to the poultry farms.

It is worth mentioning that the Fuel Committee had started distributing the fuel oil to the people for heating since the date of October 7, 2017.