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Fuel reached 80% of al-Jarniya, distribution continues


AL-TABQA- The Service Committee in the Civil Council in al-Jarniya town continues the works of distributing the heating fuel to the people as the process reached its last stages.TIBQA-MAZOT (1)

The distribution is still ongoing to the three lines of al-Jarniya, Saykol, and Mahmoudly as the committee distributed an amount of about 429,800 litters to about 2,149 families in the mentioned areas.

The administrative in the Service Committee Ahmad al-Issa stated, “The distribution in the western and northern lines in al-Jarniya has ended as about 80% of al-Jarniya and its countryside have been covered. Moreover, the distribution began in the southern line as the process is about to be ended.”IHMED

The Service Committee started the distribution during the last two weeks, and it is supposed to end during the current month.

It is mentioned that the distribution of fuel would be concentrated in the center of al-Jaraniya, Saykol and Mahmoudly after ending their villages.