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Gen. Silo: al-Raqqa’s Civil Council will control the city when liberated

AL-RAQQA- As he took part in the constituent congress in Ain Issa, Syrian Democratic Forces Gen. Talal Silo promised to hand over al-Raqqa city administration to the Civil Council established after liberating the city, assuring that the council will be a strong blow to IS gangs, and a message of peace and fraternity for all freemen in the world.

Silo first congratulated holding this congress on al-Raqqa people and vowed to fulfil their promise to liberate the city and fight terror in the Wrath of Euphrates campaign which is approaching the city’s entry.

Silo went on saying that they do believe in the Civil Council’s ability to undertake their tasks in serving people, particularly the Preparatory Committee which is undertaking the responsibility of the liberated villages delivered by Syrian Democratic Forces during the past stages of the campaign.

Finally, Silo called people of al-Raqqa to cooperate with al-Raqqa’s Civil Council and thanked the global coalition which is providing support to the Wrath of Euphrates to liberate the city.