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Gen. Silo: we would use self-defense right against regime’s attacks

NEWS DESK- The spokesperson of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) the Gen. Talal Silo said that their forces would use their right of lawful defense in responding to the regime’s attacks, Silo assured that the regime is striving for aborting the operation of al-Raqqa city liberation.

A statement was released in the name of the spokesperson of SDF the Gen. Talal Ali Silo.

The statement included:

After the heroic resistance demonstrated by our troops and the allied forces against terrorism within the campaign launched by SDF; Wrath of Euphrates campaign that aims for isolating and liberating al-Raqqa city, after the Great Battle was started to liberate al-Raqqa city which is the alleged capital of terrorism and terrorists, and after we excellently progressed within al-Raqqa city liberation campaign and we liberated many neighborhoods, the Baathist regime intended to launch an attack on the liberated areas by SDF using warplanes, artillery and tanks since June 17, 2017.

Talal Silo added “we confirm that if the regime continued its attacks on our sites in al-Raqqa governorate, it would oblige us to respond and use our right to lawfully defend our forces”.