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Germany: Kurdish community submits message to parliament

GERMANY– The Kurdish community in Germany will hand over a message to the German parliament to stand in the face of these acts.

Under the slogan” Freedom for Ocelan, Peaceful Solution for Kurdistan Cause”, dozens of the Kurdish community people in Germany have gone on a protest by bicycles to condemn the Turkish state’s practices and call for the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan’s freedom.

The protest has set off in Nuremburg and is heading to Munich city, a message is supposed to be delivered to the parliament’s presidency calling the German government and the European community to stand in the face of these Turkish acts in Kurdistan and release the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan.

In this concern, Elias Suleiman, a citizen from Rojava, said that they consider Kurdistan parts as one unit and Ocelan philosophy is the sole way to for the Kurdish people to gain their rights.

The protest is supposed to continue for 4 days marching through Bavarian cities and villages and will end in Munich.