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Ghareeb Hassou: Turkey is afraid of North Democratic project


MANBIJ- The co-chair of the Public Relations Office of Syria ‘sDemocratic Council, Ghareeb Hassou, said that when Turkey seeks to attack Afrin and Manbij, it aims to divide the Syrian north and try to strike it so that the democratic solution project is not completed.

After the failure of the groups that relied on Erdogan in Syria to fight the democratic project began to state the invasion of Afrin and the creation of confusion and sedition in Manbij city and began to mobilize forces on the border of Afrin, in the context Hawar news agency meeting with the co-chair of the Public Relations Office in Syria ‘s Democratic Council Ghareeb Hassou to talk about the current situation.

Turkey enters Syria directly after the failure of all its mercenaries

Ghareeb Hassou pointed out that all factions were used as an agenda for its interest in striking the will of the Syrian people from mercenaries, Fatah al-Sham  front and other factions that were present on the ground in Aleppo and Homs, all of which failed and the reason is the government of Justice and Development.

Ghareeb Hassou added that “these groups fought the Kurds more than fighting the regime and all the factions were supported by Turkey, Turkey without these factions cannot do anything. Turkey always screamed at the red lines. “

Hassou said that “although the Turkish army is a large population but does not have the will of popular and free will and the invasion of Afrin canton is not an easy because the people of Afrin have a will as they await the arrival of the Turkish army to be cemetery for it .”

Turkey oppose the democratic system so it attacks Afrin

He added “Turkey’s statements and attacks on Afrin are against the democratic system and because the dictatorial regimes reject the democratic system, Turkey is a dictatorial regime, as is the Baath regime, and they are there to fight the democratic system.”

Hassou explained that “this democratic system in the years that have passed has become a model and a serious and pioneering experience, and all the components of north Syria around it in terms of building institutions, associations.”

External schemes to plant sedition in Manbij and its countryside

Hassou said “We have a lot of enemies, not as Kurds but for the democratic regime. We are liberated by the sacrifices of our people who liberated them from mercenaries, today, the democratic system is liberated. It is liberated under the democratic system and there is an independent civil administration, a legislative council, institutions and a role for women and youth.”

He added: “There are always accounts of Turkey that Manbij return to them being located west of the Euphrates and they accept what was liberated in the east of the Euphrates, but west is not there therefore there are plans within the civilian by the Turks and the Baathist regime.”

formation of two committees to discuss the circumstances of the murder crime of Hanan and Aboud

At the end of his speech, Ghareeb Hassou said: “We, Syria’s Democratic Council, continue with all the existing clans and a committee of tribes have been formed and a committee has been set up by our two committees and the two committees have a deadline to look into the circumstances of the crime .”

He noted that “the people in Manbij know well that there are hidden hands playing in Manbij linked to the outside.”