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Gharzan shrine’s corpses were not handed over to their families, buried in separate graves

NEWS DESK– Turkish state have buried corpses of Gharzan shrine’s martyrs in 12 different cities in Bakur Kurdistan without handing them over to their relatives after destroying the shrine.

The Turkish government violated the sanctity of martyrs’ shrines, and in the previous period took the corpses of 267 martyrs of the People Defense Forces (HPG), Free Women Units-Star, People’s Protection Units and Women’s Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) from Martyrs’ Shrine in Gharzan district in the state of Badlis in Bakur of Kurdistan and buried them in different cities.

According to the information, the Turkish state buried the remains of martyrs in unknown tombs in cities such as “Amed, Mardin, Dîlok, Jazeer, Şirnax, Erzurum, Malatya, Kharbit, Wan, Badlis, Sivas, Nusaybin and Ruha.”

It is noteworthy that under the direct order of the Turkish Prosecution, the Turkish authorities removed the corpses of 267 martyrs of the People Defense Forces (HPG), the Free Women Units- Star and People’s and Women ‘s Protection Unites, from Gharzan shrine in Badlis city in Bakur “North of Kurdistan “after the destruction of the shrine.