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Girê Sipî: Any attack on Afrin is an attack on entire North Syria


GIRÊ SIPÎ- The residents of Girê Sipî/Tel-Abyed canton condemned the remarks of the Turkish president, in which he threatened to launch attacks on Afrin canton and Manbij city and confirmed that Afrin is not alone because they are in Girê Sipî with it.

The Turkish president returned on evening January 9 to threaten the occupation of Afrin and Manbij, describing his operation as “cleansing”, calling on the people of the region to support him in his scheme.

In this context, a number of the children of Girê Sipî in an interview with our agency ANHA that people in North Syria represent one family and no one can differentiate them.MOHAMED ALAHMED

The citizens of the Girê Sipî city Ismail al-Aydan condemned in the strongest terms the statements of the head of the Turkish regime and the violations of his army against Afrin canton

“The Turkish state will not succeed in any of its plans and Afrin canton is not alone, we are with it,” he said.

Mohammed al-Ahmad pointed out that “the Turkish State cannot occupy Afrin, just as Adlib and Jarablus, since they are not aware that we in North Syria, are one family with all its components and we are mixed, no one can disperse us.”

Jarablus, al-Rai and al-Bab had been occupied by Turkish State during military operation launched on 24 August, 2016 and Turkey completed its occupation to enter Adlib city months ago after an agreement they claimed to form De-Escalation zone in Adlib in western Syria.

Al-Ahmad noted in his speech that the first and last purpose of the Turkish state is to obliterate the Kurdish identity and thwart the democratic federal project which aims to implement real democracy.MIKAEL MOHAMED

The citizen Michael Mohammed said “We as the people in Girê Sipî canton and all the components, whether Arabs, Kurds, Armenians denounce the statements of the Turkish President for his alleged attacks against the peoples in North Syria and the looting of properties of the people along the border.”

And ended his speech saying “We will not leave Afrin canton alone, but we will struggle till the last breath for our land and North Syria will win thanks to to the will of the people and the greatest credit is the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan, who strengthened our will with his perspectives and philosophy.”