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Global Coalition and al-Raqqa Civil Council meet

AIN ISSA – The member of General Relations Committee in Al-Raqqa Civil Council Omar Alloush stated that the council would discuss with the Global Coalition the situations of Al-Raqqa Civil Council and the active organizations in al-Raqqa to support the council and consolidate relations with it.EN ISA-SERDANA-NUNEREN-KOWALISYONA-NAVDEWLETI1 ‫(1)‬

A delegation of the Global Coalition including the American president’s special envoy to the coalition Brett McGurk, the deputy of Global Coalition’ general commander, the General Robert Jones and officials from the US’ Department of State, in addition to representatives of other states in the Global Coalition have held meetings.

From the council’s side, the co-chair of the council Leila Mustafa, the member of General Relations Committee in Al-Raqqa Civil Council and a number of members attended the meeting which was held in the council’s office.

This is the first visit of the coalition to Ain Issa where Al-Raqqa Civil Council is located.

The closed meeting started an hour ago. And this visit took place in coincidence with Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF’s) advance in al-Raqqa city within a multi-stages campaign which started in November.

Although Washington assured that IS mercenaries’ defeat is important to them in Iraq and Syria while it did not show any attitude towards the Turkish attacks on Afrin and al-Shahba cantons, and People Protection Units (YPG) in the ranks of SDF, are considered a part of the Global Coalition.

In previous statements, McGurk stated in the US’ Department State in Washington that the American official emphasized that his country cares about retrieve stability to the city after it has been liberated from IS mercenaries and removing mines, rubbles and remnants from the area in order to re-operate schools and water, sewage and electricity and other services.

McGurk stated “my country would not rebuild the devastated area in the long term because that is an international and local mission, and Washington does not see that it must take its responsibility”.