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Good Friday holds in Qamişlo

QAMIŞLO- The Christians in Qamişlo city in al-Jazeera canton held “Good Friday or Great Friday”, and lit candles amid Asayîş Forces protection. QAM-INA-ESE ‫(223478274)‬ ‫‬

Within the celebration of Easter that will be held on Sunday, the Christians in Qamişlo city held “Good Friday” that is considered the day of Crucifixion and burial of Christ which is on Friday that precedes Easter according to the Christian creed. The prayers of the church have continued all the day without ceasing.

At the hours of evening, the Christians lit candles in the streets and in front of church gates, and put a cross wrapped in a black cloth that signifies sadness.

The Christians gathered in churches to perform religious hymns. In the same context, the people gathered in Mar Jacob Church at the evening hours in the center of Qamişlo. The deacons wore the funeral dress and repeated the hymns.

Asayîş Forces and anti-terror forces took over the protection of Christians that had Good Friday as the forces put their checkpoints in all the Christian provinces’ entries and around the churches to protect them.

This Friday has many other names that are: Black Friday, Good Friday, Holy Friday, Sad Friday, and Eastern Friday.



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