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Graduation of 6th course of Military Discipline in Cizîre


AMUDA – The general command of the Self-Protection Forces and the general command of the Military Discipline Units of Cizîre (al-Jazeera) region completed a training course for dozens of volunteers during a ceremony held in Amuda district.AMOUDE-DAWIKNA -HEZIN-DESPLINE (2)
The course began in the second half of last May at the Martyr Ibrahim Hussein Academy for Military Discipline, in which 50 volunteers participated. The course was after the name of the martyr Aboud Jolie, who martyred in al-Shadadi district of Hasakah canton in Cizîre region.

During the 45-day course, the participants received ideological and military lessons.
The co-chair of the Defense and Self-Defense Body of Cizîre region, Khalisa Hasen, and her two deputy Ayed Ibrahim and Ablahad Korea attended graduation ceremony.

At the graduation ceremony, the participants in Military Discipline Units presented a military parade, followed by the performance of the military section in defending the land and the people and all the values of the democratic nation and standing against all forms of terrorism.

In turn, co-chair Ablahad Korea congratulated the end of the session which is an important step at the stage, and be able to assume responsibility in the performance of their duties.

This is the 6th session of the general command of the Self-Defense Forces and the General Command of the Military Discipline Units of Cizîre.