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Guerilla operation in Agirî, 7 Turkish soldiers killed

NEWS DESK- Media center of the People Defense Forces (Guerilla) reported that 7 Turkish soldiers were killed in the area of Bazid in Agirî during an operation carried out by the forces of the Guerilla.

The media center of the People Defense Forces (Guerilla ) issued a written statement regarding the operation carried out in Agirî and Jole Mirk.

The text of the statement included:

” Within the revolutionary campaign of Martyr Ilam and Martyr Arkish which was launched by the Guerilla On December 4, at 15:30 hours, the Guerilla Forces carried out an operation against the Turkish soldiers targeting the workers who were building the wall on the border near the Tujak Square in the area of Bazid in Agirî, our forces and carried out operation against the armored vehicle of the Turkish occupation army.

During the strong blows that the Guerilla Forces dealt to Turkish army, 7  Turkish soldiers were killed, while the other soldiers took the armored vehicle and fled the area. After the operation at 19:00, Turkish soldiers transported the bodies and wounded of their soldiers from the area by a military armored vehicle.

On December 3, at 08:30 and on November 4 at 0930, our forces carried out two operations against the enemy trenches stationed the hill of the Martyr Rogeria near Kordin Hill in Jeli district in jole Mirk, and dealt them strong blows. The number of the killed and wounded in the ranks of the Turkish occupation army remained anonymous during the two operations. Furthermore, after the two operations, the Turkish army bombed the area with mortars and heavy artillery.