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Habeeb: Protests in Iran; a natural result of despotism


NEWS DESK-The member of Presidential Body of Democratic Syria Council Hikmat Habeeb stated that what happens in Iran of popular protests is result of despotism which is practiced by Iranian regime on all components and strata of Iranian society.

For the sixth day in a row, popular protests in the Iranian cities against the policies of the wrong authorities based on intervention in the countries that have led to poverty in this regard, Hawar news agency communicated with Hikmat Habeeb.

Hikmat Habeeb pointed out that the Iranian people of all components and strata reached an intolerable stage of poverty and injustice, pointing out that the Iranian government is interested only in the policy of expansion and interference in the affairs of others, leaving the Iranian people in the wind in terms of poverty and hunger and the security grip that prevents any voice calling for freedom.

Habeeb stressed that the Iranian people must be liberated from the constraints of injustice and the dictatorial regime, because of oppression the minorities are subjected to without exception by the security forces and executions that affect all the voices of freedom and dignity, as happens to the Kurdish people in eastern Kurdistan (Rojhilat) and Iranian people are many people who claim the rights of peoples.

Habeeb pointed out that Iran’s intervention in the internal affairs of neighboring countries has increased the hatred of the peoples that suffered from the brutality of the legions and death battalions that destroyed humanity and shed the blood of the peoples. He explained that such an uprising would continue to move the region into a state of stability.

Habeeb believed that the Iranian regime is a patron and supporter of the reactionary and authoritarian regimes in the region and in the event of the collapse of the mullahs’ regime, many of regimes will fall apart.

At the end of his speech, Hikmat Habeeb called on the international community to intervene to put an end to the repression machine used against a people that has stood up for its freedom and dignity. “We stand with the Iranian people, who demand their stolen rights and will win the indomitable will of the people.”