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Habib: SDC has map to end Syrian crisis


NEWS DESK- The member of the Presidential Body of Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Hikmet Habib made it clear that the reasons that led to Geneva failure are that the real force on the ground does not participate in it assuring that SDC has a map and project for ending the Syrian crisis.

Hawar news agency interviewed the member of the Presidential Body of SDC Hikmet Habib about the last political situations of Syria, especially after failing Geneva 8, and Hikmet said “we in North Syrian and in the beginning of the crisis used to see the Syrian crisis as a deep crisis that need a total radical change so we headed towards the third tendency that preserve the infrastructure of the country and that concentrate on fighting terrorism.”

Habib made it clear that after the liberated areas’ scope of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has expanded, the constituent conference of Democratic North-Syria Federation was held to turn Syria from a central state into a non-central democratic one.

Habib assured that they as SDC and all the components of the area believe in a democratic project in which all the components of people participate. Habib rejected all the names that the Turkish state named the parties struggling for the sake of a democratic and free Syria, especially Democratic Union Party.

Hikmet Habib pointed out that the lack of approach of the great states and the welfare state seriously as for peace in Syria led to getting Syria into the greatest crisis where only the people paid the price of it.

Geneva is a square of constant and long race

Habib said that they do not participate in any meeting of Geneva as they realize that whoever is in Istanbul, Cairo and Moscow would not achieve anything on the land, in addition to some terrorist gangs’ participations in the negotiations so that Geneva negotiations would not be able to reach any outcome as they form a constant and long racing course.

Exclusion real force caused Geneva’s fail

Hikmet Habib said that the reasons that led to Geneva failure is exclusion of the real force on the ground, this force that has a political project and a map to end the Syrian crisis and which is represented by SDC and Democratic North-Syria Federation in addition to the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in North Syria.

Our forces dominate more than 20% of Syria

Habib continued that the forces liberated large spaces in the Syrian north as these forces dominate more than 20% of the Syrian geography. After liberating the areas, they were handed over to their people by forming local councils as Manbij, al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa and Deir ez-Zor where people manage themselves.

Turkey led Syria’s to a great crisis

Hikmet Habib held the Turkish state responsible for facilitating the terrorist gangs’ entry into Syria, and today by its entering Syria, it pretends to fight terrorism. Habib continued “we fear that the areas of de-escalation would be for dividing Syria, if Syria did not include the federal and non-central system, it would be divided and this is what we are afraid about in fact.”

The solution would be by a intra-Syrian interview

Habib added “we see that after the fail of Geneva 8, the affairs are being headed towards Sochi, and according to our opinion, the meeting would be turned into a intra-Syrian negotiation whether in Damascus or Qamişlo or wherever on the Syrian land because whoever has anything on the ground would be able to negotiate, but we refuse the external agendas, and we demand the project that links us together.

Habib concluded his speech saying “We congratulate the Syrian people on eliminating terrorism in Syria, the movement towards a political solution and negotiation has been possible, and we congratulate our people for the great victories that SDF have achieved hoping the new year would be a year of solution for the Syrian crisis. Furthermore, we are confident of our project of fraternity of peoples.