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Hadiya Yousef: communes’ elections success is a triumph for our great people 



NEWS DESK- The co-chair of North Syria Federal Council Hadiya Yousef called on people and components of north Syria to vote and select their representatives of communes co-chairs and she said “the elections success is a triumph for our great people”.

September 22 will witness a great event in north Syria where the first elections of north Syria federal system will be held; to elect the communes’ co-chairs.

In this context Hawar news agency held an interview with the Hadiya Yousef who emphasized that they are ready for this event.

Hadiya Yousef noted that “the voting gives our federal system the legality because the people represents the existence of federal system and working to make this system successful.

And about the electoral cards which the people would use it for voting their representatives Hadiya Yousef noted “the Independent Electoral Commission released a statements about electoral cards and explained that people who did not get electoral cards can vote through confirming their identity and added that the emigrants who came to the region can also participate in these elections.

Hadiya Yousef called people to go to the elections boxes and effectively participate saying that she said we live in a historic and crucial period and the success of this elections is a triumph for our great people and they will be able to select their representatives and express their volition.