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Hadya Youssef: Elections postponed to avoid mistakes, make room for candidates



NEWS DESK – Hadya Youssf has explained that the postponement of the elections came to avoid the mistakes of the previous two stages and to make room for those who intend to run, useful to open weekly training courses for members of the High Electoral Commissions and their committees to develop their work.

The three higher electoral commissions in North Syria announced earlier the postponement of the third stage of the Democratic Federal Elections in North Syria.

Hawar news agency ANHA interviewed the co-chair of the constitutional council of the North Syria Democratic Federation of North Syria Hadya Youssef to talk about the reason of the postponement of the third stage of the federal elections North of Syria.

Hadya Youssef at the beginning of her speech noted “The third phase of the elections were postponed after the Electoral Commission postponed the second stage of local administration elections, which was scheduled for November 3, 2017, and the postponement of the second phase elections because there is not enough time to hold the elections.”

Hadya Youssef pointed out that it was also postponed at the request of the competing lists and independent figures

“After the postponement of the second stage of local administration elections in North Syria, we also had to postpone the third stage because there was not enough time to hold the elections.”

Elections were postponed to avoid previous mistakes

The second reason for the postponement is to avoid the mistakes that emerged during the previous two stages. “The third stage of the North Syrian elections has been postponed to prepare intensively to avoid any technical errors.”

Hadya Youssef, said that the date of holding the elections of the third stage, the elections of the People’s Congress will be announced soon, so that those who intend to run for themselves to finish their preparations necessary, “The presidency of the North Syrian Federation will hold meetings to announce when it will be held third stage elections.”

The Co-chair of the Constituent Assembly of the Democratic Federation of North Syria, noted that the North Syria Council and the Regional Councils are now holding meetings with the new councils that were elected in the second stage of the North Syria federal elections to explain how councils and work mechanisms are organized and distributed among cantons, areas and districts’ councils and towns.

The purpose of our meeting with the commission is to discuss the stages of the elections

The Council of the Federation of North Syria has held a meeting over two consecutive days with the Electoral Commission in Amuda district belonging to al-Jazeera region with the co-chairs of the High Commission and a number of its members supervising the conduct of the electoral process and the objective of Hadya Youssef said, “meetings with the Electoral High Commission The purpose of which was to discuss the two stages of the elections that took place. It also discussed the role of the Commission in the elections and the obstacles it faced technically and other aspects in order to avoid it in the third stage of the federal elections in North Syria.

At the end of her speech, Hadya Youssef said that they decided during the meeting to conduct a weekly training session for the members and committees of the commission on how to develop the work more, and how to distribute electoral cards to those who did not get them in the previous two stages to vote in the third stage’s elections.