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Hamidi al-Hadi: The Middle East needs philosopher Abdullah Ocalan


AL-RAQQA– The Co-Chair of the” Cizîre Canton” Sheikh Hamidi Daham al-Hadi noted “The Turkish state should respect the intellectual and philosopher Abdullah Ocalan and disclose his health status, because he represents a symbol of the peoples of the region and stressed the need for his release because he has a key role to achieving peace, coexistence and brotherhood of the people he is also able to solve the crisis Middle east.

The Turkish authorities continuing to keep silent about the health situation of Ocalan after Turkish media reported the deterioration of his health, which led to the organization of the people of the region for events and demonstrations to express their strong demand to know the status of Ocalan health.

Hawar news agency interviewed the co-Chair of the Cizîre canton sheikh Hamidi Daham al-Had who said, “Regional countries in the Middle East and all the world countries should seek appropriate solutions rather than complicate the crisis more in the context of the crisis in the Middle East.”

Sheikh Hamidi Daham al-Hadi stressed the need to end the bloodshed of the peoples and the need to find a suitable solution to the crisis in the Middle East, stressing that the weapon and killing will not solve the problems, but will complex and prolong them more and more.

al-Hadi pointed “the absence and concealing the health status of the intellectual and philosopher Abdullah Ocalan affects the people negatively in the north of Syria and even the Middle East as a whole.”

Sheikh Hamidi Daham al-Hadi called on the Turkish state to disclose the health situation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. “We are the children of one region, so the Turkish state should treat the thinker Abdullah Ocalan with humanity, morality and respect for human rights and prisoners, especially that Ocalan is a symbol of the peoples of the region,” he said.

al-Hadi stressed that they need the personality of Abdullah Ocalan, especially in the circumstances of the region. He pointed out that Ocalan is the only one who can make peace and love among the people of Syria. The people of the north of Syria are respected and grateful for the ideas of the thinker Abdullah Ocalan.